These 10 car novelties will soon be a reality


Wonders of technology


One thing is certain: no one can stop the future. And nowhere else are technical innovations becoming noticeable as quickly as in cars. Many things that ten years ago still sounded like a distant utopia are already reality today. So we can be more than excited about what the next few years will hold in store for us here.

However, some developments can already be foreseen. On the following pages, we have compiled ten technical innovations that we can perhaps expect in the next ten years.


1 Greater range of electric cars

One has to face the truth: Sooner or later, the days of the internal combustion engine are numbered. For this reason alone, the developers will do everything in their power to advance electromobility and, above all, to work on the price and range of electricity. The Volkswagen I.D. Crozz, for example, should be able to drive autonomously over 500 kilometers.


2 Driving autonomously

And while we’re at it: At the moment, autonomous cars are already being tested on roads – so it’s only a matter of time before these cars go into mass production. Driving relaxed on the motorway without being highly concentrated all the time? That will probably soon be a thing of the past.


3 HCCI engines

But not only “classic” e-cars will dominate the market of the future. There is also a lot of research being done on HCCI engines (“Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition”). As a result, internal combustion engines can function like gasoline and diesel engines, depending on requirements, and still operate with largely low emissions.


4 Electricity on the motorway

Probably we will have to get used to a new sight even with motorways: Overhead wires on highways where trucks drive would have several advantages: Fuel consumption would be reduced to zero, which would also radically cut emissions. In addition, it would also eliminate a large part of the noise pollution for any residents living nearby.


5 Electronic driving lines

Let’s stick to trucking for a moment. Tesla has already presented and the idea is tempting: By means of electronic coupling, trucks drive one after the other on the motorway with a small distance between them and only in the cab of the first car is a concentrated driver. The other trucks are controlled autonomously and are oriented towards the front of the vehicle. This increases efficiency immensely and could lead to relief on the road.


6 cars from the rental company

An idea from Asia, which sounds interesting for us too: Because living space in cities is becoming increasingly scarce, the search for parking space is also becoming more and more frustrating. One possible model would be for rental companies to provide tenants with a fleet of cars to share with each other.


7 asynchronous motors

So-called asynchronous motors could significantly increase the efficiency of cars. They are relatively small, so they can easily fit into cars. Due to the very high speeds that the Brusa motor, for example, achieves, it can reach up to 220 kilowatts, which corresponds to about 300 horsepower.


8 Car-Sharing

Basically, Car-Sharing is already a reality today. But there is still one innovation waiting to be implemented: Using an app, you request a car that drives autonomously in the desired direction and thus share with other cars that also have to drive in that direction. Autonomous car pooling based on electric motors would be the goal here.


9 Autonomous taxis

When it comes to autonomous taxis, one also speaks of level 5 autonomy. The idea is that you use an app to call a taxi that does not need a driver. Payment is then also made via app. Hardly anyone doubts that this will soon be possible. Problems could rather be caused by politics, which is not necessarily known for quick legal adjustments.


10 In-car entertainment

Screens in cars already exist. But BMW is planning big things: The company is toying with the idea of building large screens in the cars to provide entertainment in the car. And the idea makes sense: If the car drives autonomously (and that this will be the case in the future, hardly anyone has any doubt about that), consumer electronics will be decisive for the success of a model.

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