The probably most shocking car designs of the last decades


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This also applies to cars. In recent years and decades there have been cars on the market that many people would calmly call “ugly”. We have listed some of these unusual vehicles here…

2004 Covini C6W

The list starts with this monster: The Covini C6W. The vehicle with six wheels presents itself with 400 hp, which is a lot, but the vehicle is visually rather borderline. The extra wheels are designed to balance the car and improve braking.

Marcos Mantis

The British manufacturer Marcos specialized in sports cars and unattractive cars. As you can see from the Mantis model, Marcos outdid himself here. We are lucky that only one Mantis was produced in 1968, but it didn’t take long before they took this one off the market as well. In 2008 you could see him again at the Festival of Speed.

Troll Sportcoupé

The Norwegian car manufacturers Troll & Bilindustri had the idea to build a car out of fibreglass. Interesting project. The manufacturers used the material because it is light in weight and has other advantages, such as it does not rust. The building itself was flawless, but the design was a failure. The model was produced for only two years (1956-1958).

Hyundai Tiburon

The car has many names. Officially the model is known as “Hyundai Tiburon”, in Europe however it was called “Hyundai Coupe”. No matter what you want to call it, the design of the car is really a matter of taste and will certainly separate the spirits.

Stutz Blackhawk

The first Blackhawk was produced in 1972. Even 40 years later we still wonder what the designer was thinking when he created the model. It is almost 6 meters long and Elvis loved this vehicle. Apart from the design and the equipment, the car was far too expensive for the time. In 2017, the car cost $120,000.

PT Cruiser

Chrysler is a well-known and renowned car manufacturer. With the PT Cruiser, however, they have allowed themselves something new. We cannot say much about the performance of the car, but we can say that the design was a failure.

Brubaker Box

The Brubaker Box is probably the ugliest car in a long time. You’d think the design was copied from a child’s drawing. Fortunately, you don’t often see this strange box on wheels on the road.

Reliant Robin

Boat, car, motorcycle…? A mixture of everything? The Reliant Robin was one of the most popular fiberglass cars. The car was produced in 1973 and should replace the Reliant shelf. Unfortunately, there is really nothing positive to say about this car from our side.

2010 Veritas RS III

Vermot AG was not active in the automotive industry for about 60 years. Until 2010! This year they decided to make a comeback. I wish they hadn’t done that. The design of the 2010 Veritas RS III is hard to bear and resembles an angry cartoon character.

The Nissan Cube

Who hasn’t wanted a car that looks like a cube? It is hard to understand why Nissan chose and produced this design in the first place. The Nissan Cube was produced in 1998 and you can still see the one or other cube on the road today.

Weber sports car aka ‘Faster One

This car was Switzerland’s lame attempt to derail the Veyron, the fastest registered car in 2008, and the Weber sports car was also called “Fast One”. The car may be fast but it is not beautiful.

Panoz Abruzzi, Spirit of Le Mans.

Panoz Abruzzi ‘Spirit of Le MHere is a good example of what you should not do with a sports car in terms of design. The model costs about 370,000 euros. Correctly read, 370,000 euros! The Panoz Abruzzi “Spirit of Le Mans” was only produced 81 times.


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