Myths about car traffic & other stuff: Do you believe in them too?


We’re clearing up the biggest myths!


You hear a lot about rules in traffic. This must always be observed, this should be avoided at all costs, this is absolutely forbidden.

Countless myths are circulating about the correct behavior in traffic. We want to clear up these myths here and take a closer look at what we consider to be the greatest myths. You will see that some of the traffic rules that are in circulation turn out to be complete nonsense.

Let’s go!


Myth #1: Drunk drivers are forbidden

That’s not true! Anyone who drinks a beer at the wheel and stays below the permitted level of 0.5 per mille during an inspection is not threatened by any legal consequences.

Nevertheless, we definitely advise against drinking and driving! On the one hand, most people do not know when the 0.5 per mille threshold is exceeded. On the other hand, many people are no longer fully fit to drive from a lower per mille level.


Myth # 2: You always have to drive at least 60 km / h on the highway

Not true! Your vehicle must be able to reach at least 60 km/h, but it is by no means the case that you always have to drive this 60 km/h on every motorway.

This is probably not possible in a traffic jam alone, but also in other situations the 60 km/h limit can be undercut, without legal consequences.


Myth # 3: The cell phone may only be used in flight mode while driving, for example listening to music

You better not do that! After all, the phone must not be picked up, no matter what the action or mode. An exception is the fixed mobile phone holder: If the mobile phone is in such a holder, you can take calls and briefly select apps. But even a text message can result in penalties and points.


Myth # 4: Driving without fixed shoes is not allowed

A persistent myth that is simply not true! There is no law that forbids driving in flip-flops or barefoot. So there is no threat of penalties. Nevertheless, it is an advantage to wear sturdy shoes, because slipping off the gas and brake pedals is much less likely than in flip-flops.


Myth # 5: Using the flasher is always a necessity!

The use of the headlight flasher is often compulsive and in urban areas, and if the headlight flasher continues, there is a risk of penalties. However, the headlight flasher may be used outside of town to announce an intention to pass. This is to signal to the driver in front to concentrate so that nothing goes wrong during the maneuver.

In other words: don’t get angry directly at the person who needs to, but first observe what happens after the first use of the headlamp flasher.


Myth #6: The right-to-left rule also applies in a parking lot

No, again we have to disappoint you, if you have believed in it so far. In the StVO, the right-to-left rule applies in principle, but parking spaces are excluded from this rule – here the rule of mutual consideration applies.

So better assess the situation and if necessary give up your right of way; this can save a lot of unnecessary trouble.


Myth #7: In case of a small accidental damage, a note with the phone number on the other vehicle is sufficient

No, that’s not true either. Besides giving your phone number on the damaged car, you are also obliged to wait 30 minutes and hope that the owner of the car arrives to exchange contact and insurance information.

If you don’t do this, you could be charged with a hit-and-run offense, nobody really needs that!


Myth #8: Cyclists may ride side by side

That’s only partly true: If 16 or more cyclists ride in a bunch, it is considered a closed cycling association. In that case – and only in that case – riding next to each other is allowed. If there are less than 16 cyclists in a bunch, the rule of riding one behind the other applies.

Note: A closed bicycle association is considered to be 1 road user. This becomes interesting when the top of the column passes a green/yellow traffic light and the end of the column reaches the intersection only at a red light. Here, every member of the bicycle association is allowed to cross the traffic light, because the whole association is seen as a single participant.

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