Is branded fuel really better?


We’ll clear it up!


Your car runs better on expensive petrol, the use of mobile phones is prohibited at petrol stations and cars can explode like in movies. There are many myths surrounding filling up, but which ones are really true? We have researched them!

Myth 1: The mobile phone must not be used at the service station

Everyone knows that telephoning is not allowed on the plane. That is understandable. It should at least be set to flight mode. But why do we also see the mobile phone ban signs at gas stations?
Again, this is a safety issue. If you drop your cell phone, the battery could come loose and a spark could be generated. If this spark hits the highly flammable petrol, the fire could spread quickly due to the large amount of highly flammable substances. For this reason, the smoking ban at petrol stations also applies.
So myth 1 is proven.


Myth 2: Branded fuel is better

As the gasoline refineries are relatively limited, the different gas stations basically all receive the same gasoline. However, branded petrol stations create their own special petrol by adding additives. However, if one believes several different researches, these have no influence on the quality and thus just as little on the engine performance and fuel consumption. The octane rating alone determines the quality of the petrol, which is the same for both no-name and brand name petrol. So next time save money and choose the cheap petrol, because the myth has been disproved.


Myth 3: Gas station owners are top earners

Again and again we hear people say that gas station leaseholders must be super rich, with the high gasoline prices. Especially since other countries near Germany can offer much cheaper petrol prices. But far from it. We can count together: Take an average gasoline price of 1.38 euros. 87.7 cents are fiscal charges, 44.4 cents are to be calculated for the purchase price. There only 5.8 cent per liter remain, whereby there still the operating cost were not included. After all, the filling station has to be operated, the rent has to be paid and the employees have to get their wages. In the end, a maximum of 1-2 cents per liter remain as profit. Lucrative is something else. So myth 3 is now also disproved.


Myth #4: Monday morning is the cheapest day for gas

This myth comes from the fact that many people think that no one wants to drive on Monday before work. After all, the weekend has been straight and the gas station is open on Sundays.
It used to be true, but that has changed over the years and now this claim has no basis. The gasoline prices do indeed fluctuate within the day, but it has nothing to do with the day of the week. If you want to save money, you should fill up between 18 and 20 o’clock. So now myth no. 4 is refuted!


Myth # 5: You can’t overfill a tank

When refueling, you have probably noticed that the nozzle switches off by itself when the tank is almost full. Almost all filling stations now have this modern technology. However, if you want to add an extra shot of petrol, it can happen that the tank spills over. If this happens, you should quickly wipe off the wet spot and rinse with water, because the petrol can bleach the paint. But even in summer there is a risk that some petrol will spill out of the tank, because at high temperatures the petrol expands and then overflows.
So you can say: the myth is half true!

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