Formula 1: facts and figures about the Formula 1 vehicles


Did you know that?


1. Facts and figures

(a) According to FIA regulations, no car is greater than 1,80 m wide and 1 m high. However, the length of the cars varies.

b) The maximum engine speed is 18,000 revolutions per minute.

c) The wheel of the car turns about 42 times per second when a solid speed of 300km/h is reached.

d) The Englishman Jenson Button managed the fastest pit stop at the German Grand Prix in 2012 in only 2.31 seconds.

But how many individual parts does a car consist of? And how much does a team have to pay as registration fee?


e) A Formula 1 car accelerates from 0 to 100km/h in only 2.5 seconds and even to 200km/h in 5 seconds.

f) Only 8 engines may be used by the drivers during the season, otherwise a starting place penalty will be imposed.

g) A Formula 1 car consists of 30.000 single parts and the registration fee for each team per season is 500.000 Euro.

But which was the strongest engine in Formula 1 history so far?


2. The most powerful engine …

…is clearly Mercedes 949 HP. Formula 1 is looking for a new engine for 2021, which should have at best over 1000 hp. At the moment, this sound barrier has not yet been broken, but it can’t be much longer. Nevertheless, Mercedes engine boss Andy Cowell looks positively into the future, he says that the current drive units just need more time. We will see what the future brings!


3. Formula 1 rules for 2018

According to the regulations, the powertrain must consist of six different systems: (1) Internal combustion engine (ICE), (2) Motor-generator unit for kinetic energy (MGU-K), (2) Motor-generator unit for heat energy (MGU-H), (4) Energy storage (ES), (5) Turbocharger and (6) Control electronics.

Furthermore, the Formula 1 engines must have an “Anti-Stall Program” so that the engine does not stall during a spin. In addition, the engine control system should be programmed so that the engine shuts itself off after ten seconds at the latest – if the driver does not switch back to driving mode during this time.

There are also things to consider when it comes to fuel.


Electronic driving aids are not permitted, so standard electronics from McLaren Electronic Systems (MES) and Microsoft must be used.

Formula 1 cars must be filled up with Super Plus petrol, so not every fuel can be used. However, the exact amount of petrol is limited by the FIA to 105 kilograms, as is the flow rate, which is 100 kilograms per hour. During the season only five different petrol blends may be used – only two per race.

But despite the speeding, safety is very important.


Every team has to subject its cars to a crash test – at the beginning of every season. If important changes are made afterward, the test must be repeated. Each car is also equipped with a high-speed camera for accident analysis and the drivers wear accelerometers in their ears – this way valuable data is collected.

In the event of an accident, the cockpit must be equipped for safety reasons so that the driver can leave the car within 5 seconds. The maximum time for leaving is 10 seconds – it should not take longer. There are exact size specifications for this – for example, the thickness of the head and neck protection may only be 75mm.

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