17 secret car tricks you can’t learn anywhere


All motorists have small or big problems with their car from time to time, so secret tricks would be helpful. You won’t learn these tricks anywhere:


For many people, a car is more than a simple means of transport that is simply intended to fulfil certain things. It needs to be looked after and needs a little tinkering here and there, for example if it has fender damage. Most things are acquired over time. However, there are a few secret tips and tricks that you won’t come up with yourself, but which can make your everyday life with the car easier. We have compiled 19 important tips for you on the following pages.


1. Muffin forms in the cup holder

You want to save work cleaning the interior?

Then just put muffin tins in the cup holders, so they stay clean in any case!

Now for the next secret trick:


2. Parking in winter

Let’s face it: it’s simply annoying to have to scrape the windows clear all the time in winter. You can avoid this at least partially by parking your car facing east. There the sun rises and automatically melts the ice on the windscreen.

Ready for the third secret tip for car drivers?


3. Insert the head

If you can’t find your car in a large parking garage or in a confusing parking lot, your head can literally help you. If you hold the radio key to your head, the signal is amplified – and you hear your car beeping. Well, impressed by this secret car trick?


4. Cleaning with oil

After a certain time, wear and tear becomes noticeable in the interior, which is quite normal. However, you can make the car shine again by rubbing olive oil into the dashboard. Of course, you should leave the steering wheel out, otherwise it loses its grip.

Tip number 5 is also particularly helpful in daily car use:


5. Trucks are helpful

On the motorway it is worth paying attention to the speed of the trucks. Because as drivers inform each other via radio about traffic jams & co., the driving behavior of trucks can warn you of traffic obstructions even before the traffic report on the radio does.


6. Miracle cure nail polish

In the future you should always have nail polish in the toolbox of your car. Smaller cracks in the windscreen can be repaired with nail polish – but it is no substitute for a trip to the garage.

Ready for the next trick that will help you?


7. Improvised tablet holder

At some point it will happen and on longer journeys the children will start whining in the back seat. But if you simply stretch a luggage tensioner around the headboard of the driver or passenger seat, a tray can simply be hung in the hooks. And you’ve already installed an entertainment system!


8. Animal hair

Those who often have their four-legged best friend with them in the car will be able to sing a song about animal hair. Most of the time, they can only be removed with a vacuum cleaner. If the vacuum cleaner is not available, you can also use the rubber wiper that is normally used to clean the window. The animal hairs stick to it.

The next trick is also quite valuable for daily car trips:


9. Get rid of the scented trees!

They neither look good nor smell good. Instead, you can just put wax in a cup and leave it in the car (or just a tea light …). When the car gets warm – and especially in summer – the wax melts slowly and the car smells!


10. Brilliant performance

The next time you wash your car, it will be much easier to make your car shine if you wash it with hair conditioner. Most conditioners contain lanolin, a special form of wax that gives the car paint a water-repellent layer and extra shine.


11. Baking powder always works

Not only a multi-talent in the household: baking powder can also make your rims shine again. Simply mix baking powder, dishwashing liquid and warm water, rub the rims and rinse everything well.


12. Yep, baking soda really always works

By the way, you can also use baking powder to remove stubborn but indefinable smells: Simply sprinkle small amounts on the smell stove or musty corners, let it work for a short time and vacuum it away – that’s it!

13. Hammer in the trunk

You should also always have a hammer with you in the car. Because before you call a towing service, a light and careful blow with it on the starter can start the car. But there is still no way around the garage.


14. Safe travel with shopping bags

Driving with shopping bags in the back seat is always an adventure – everything falls everywhere as soon as you turn a corner. But the problem can be solved easily with a rope: Pull the rope through the loops of the bags or pouches and attach both ends to the rear doors – this stops the shopping and prevents chaos.


15. Toothpaste for the headlights

To keep headlights shiny and not dangerously dirty, toothpaste is the means of choice: Simply apply, distribute and thoroughly polish. You will hardly achieve a better result.


16. The way to the fuel cap

Granted: most people know which side of their car the gas cap is on. But if you’re sitting in someone else’s car or suffering from amnesia, the little arrow next to the fuel pump symbol on the fuel gauge will tell you which side of the tank it’s on.


17. Screwdriver instead of funnel

You urgently need to top up oil or coolant, but don’t have a funnel with you? Then you can also simply reach for a screwdriver. Simply hold the tool over the tank opening and gently pour the liquid against the metal part of the screwdriver – this way the liquid lands in the tank without messing up.

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