10 Driving errors that everyone has made


Your wallet will thank you for avoiding this in the future


You should avoid these 10 things at the wheel if possible.

Driving a car is like many other things a matter of habit. The more you drive, the safer you become. What can happen quickly, however, is that you get used to systematic driving errors. The most fatal mistakes from our point of view, which you should definitely avoid, are presented here.

Error no.1: Keep your hand constantly resting on the gear lever.

What many don’t know: The weight of the shift fork puts a strain on the shift sleeve – whenever you have your hand on the shift lever. This in turn leads to transmission damage and, in the long term, to increased wear.


Error no.2: Turn the steering wheel when stationary

Not always avoidable, but definitely not advisable! Turning the steering wheel while the car is stationary also causes more wear: steering, tyres and front axle are heavily loaded. It is best to get used to rolling easily when turning the steering wheel. Your car will definitely thank you in the long run.


Error #3: the overloaded trunk

The storage space in the car certainly invites you to store all kinds of bits and pieces. But beware: logically, a heavy car means that more mass has to be moved – which means higher fuel consumption.

You could say that per 100 kilos the car consumes up to 0.5 liters more fuel. So your wallet will thank you for the empty, cleared trunk!


Error#4: The engine is not switched off when stopped.

Especially in winter it is comfortable for many people to let the engine run before starting the journey to bring the car up to operating temperature. However: The cold engine emits up to 3 times more exhaust gases while the fuel consumption is very high. The environment and your wallet will thank you for it if you leave the car switched off when stationary.


Error #5: Kicking the clutch at the red light

This is mainly a thing with the traffic raudis and self-proclaimed racing drivers. But what happens inside the car when the clutch is pushed through when the car is at a standstill?

The clutch spring is overloaded and wears out quickly. Long-term consequence: premature replacement of the entire clutch, which also costs a lot of money. Let it be better and go on holiday from the money.


Error #6: The continuous braking in the descent phase

What happens if the brake is constantly pressed when driving downhill? It overheats. What causes it to overheat? The evaporation of water in the brake fluid. In the most unfortunate case, the brake fails completely – especially downhill, this can end in a fiasco.

Instead, use the braking effect of the engine by driving downhill in the same gear as uphill and only rarely step on the brake pedal, but firmly.


Error #7: Overtaking in traffic queue

Intuitively, the first thought is: ‘It makes sense, I’ll be out of the traffic jam faster.’

But studies have shown: after 30 minutes in stop-and-go traffic, you usually still have the same other cars around you as when the traffic jam started. It can be even more annoying: changing lanes tends to make the traffic jam longer for the following drivers.

Our tip: Instead of the hectic overtaking, simply practice patience and let the traffic jam happen in your own lane


Error #8: Shifting – from forward to reverse mode

Absolutely avoid! If you kick the clutch, the engine and transmission will disengage from each other. When you put the car in reverse, the gearbox is now forcibly shifted in the opposite direction – definitely very unhealthy for the car’s hardware. Especially when parking, make sure that the car is stationary before putting the car into reverse.


Error #9: driving up the curb wrong

Many drivers do not worry too much about this. But if you keep driving almost parallel to the kerb – i.e. too flat – it is possible that the tyre will burst at some point.

Our tip: drive onto the pavement as frontally as possible.


Error #10: the wrong tire pressure

Actually, most of them are aware of this, but it is still amazing how many drivers drive with underinflated tyres. In fact, the tyre can burst at low pressure – as a consequence of the lower stability.

Therefore: check the air pressure regularly and your car will remain your faithful friend for years!

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