10 car hacks every man should know


There’s a bottle opener hidden in your car – do you know where?


There are things in life that you do not learn in driving school, but only in real life! While our driving instructor teaches us the basics of how to handle a car properly, our years of experience teach us how to be (or drive) smart.

But bet that even as an experienced driver you don’t know the following tricks? But you should! Because they make your life a lot easier:


1. Oil change made easy

You are missing the right funnel for the upcoming oil change, but you don’t feel like spilling half the oil every time you refill? Then you should definitely remember this trick: Hold a screwdriver with its tip in the opening of the oil container and let the oil run down the screwdriver. Nothing is guaranteed to go wrong!


2. get upholstery spotless

A good household remedy to get your stained upholstery clean again is shaving foam! As it not only cleans the seats, but also roughens them, it is particularly effective in removing stubborn dirt. To do this, simply apply the shaving foam to the affected areas of the textile and leave it to work for about 15 minutes. Then wipe off with a cloth and enjoy a shiny seat!


3. No bottle opener at hand?

There is one hidden in your car – at least indirectly: In the future you can use the metal buckle of the belt to open crown caps. To do this, simply place the hole horizontally on the crown cap and press the buckle upwards with your thumb – actually just like a normal bottle opener!


4. Hot temperatures, cool steering wheel

How to stay cool in summer after your car has been standing in the sun for a long time? By keeping the steering wheel cool! After parking, turn the steering wheel 180 degrees so that the top half is turned down and doesn’t get warm. Then, before driving off, simply turn the steering wheel back – so clever, but also so easy!


5. Streak-free view

Are you annoyed by the streaks that rain, dust and the car wash leave on your windows? Make sure your windows are streak-free and have a clear view by first using a cloth moistened with vinegar to clean them and then wiping them with newspaper. Bet even your mum will be jealous of your shiny car windows.


6. Simply keep food and drinks cool

No cooler on hand, but lots of stuff that needs to be kept cool at the start? Then you can misuse your glove compartment: If your car is equipped with air conditioning, open the compartment and look for a small wheel with a fan symbol. When you turn it on, cold air flows from the air conditioner into the glove compartment. This way you can keep food, drinks and co. nice and cool!


7. Easy removal of animal hair

Animal hair gets stuck everywhere and is difficult to remove from the upholstery or the trunk. But there is a trick to this too: moisten the affected areas lightly with water and then stroke over them with a rubber glove. The hair will stick to the glove and your car will be sparkling clean again!


8. So the headlights also shine in new splendor

Toothpaste contains special polishing agents that remove dirt and unevenness from plastic lenses: To do this, apply the toothpaste to the headlights with a cloth and rub well. But beware: you should be very careful not to get it on the paintwork of your car, because it may not be forgiving!


9. Find the fuel cap – without getting out

A glance at your fuel gauge tells you immediately where your fuel cap is – you don’t even have to get out of the car to do it: Next to the fuel symbol there is usually an arrow that tells you on which side of your car the fuel cap is.


10. Start the day ice-free

You can keep your car’s windscreen wipers and exterior mirrors ice-free by covering them with old socks or freezer bags in the evening. Simply put them over mirrors or windscreen wipers and you will have less scratching in the morning!

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